Here are ways you can take turmeric to maximize its health benefits. Cardiac hypertrophy has been associated with an increased risk for high blood pressure and heart attacks. If your body has too much warmth already, neither herb will really help much and either of them may make it worse. Offers may be subject to change without notice. Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients in Curcuma Comosa. That’s because the theory helps me understand why they do what modern research says they do. Think about yang energy. There are a number of Curcuma benefits to boost your overall health if you add it to your daily or weekly routine. If we know what warming does, what about moving? By the way, curcumin is the active ingredient in turmeric (rhizome curcuma longae). Our ancestors discovered that turmeric offers significant healing and therapeutic properties, making it much more than just an ingredient in many Indian dishes. Turmeric ginger tea is simple in concept and execution, yet complex in the variety of health benefits it has to offer. If you take them regularly or think you may have over-dosed on them, make sure you eat enough yin-enhancing foods to compensate. Though the study was done on rats, the anti-inflammatory tonic was more effective than the drug indomethacin, which is commonly used to manage arthritis symptoms. Importantly, up to 2000 years of use also point to where we should be careful of using them, whatever modern research – mostly done in the last 20 years – has to say. Benefits of Ginger. It aids in digestion - ginger possesses strong anti-inflammatory properties that help settle the stomach, reduce nausea, and promote healthy digestion. Turmeric/curcumin is moving more than warming. So we use it for cold conditions and to warm up cool meals making them easier to digest. What does Blood deficiency mean? Chinese medicine has a sophisticated theory on health and disease. To understand why, read nutrition. Studies show curcumin has anti-inflammatory properties and may support digestion, too. Also several other animal studies have shown curcumin to provide cardiovascular benefits. So they both help digestion. This is where we get on to the differences between them. Excess yang or deficient yin? Prolonged Qi stagnation leads on to Blood stagnation. Benefits for skin include increasing “ glow and luster ” of the skin, speeding up wound healing, calming the pores to decrease acne … Ginger’s use is even older. It also prevents the adipose tissue from storing extra fat in the body. You can look to their origins to see why their flavors are prominent in several kinds of Asian and Southeast Asian cuisine. Ginger is a good antibacterial and boosts immunity. Turmeric and ginger offer numerous benefits. To take it a step further, pair them with some of the Best Antioxidant-Rich Foods. Curcumin gives turmeric most of its medicinal benefits, including cancer prevention. You can also add a little chopped ginger to the dishes you cook. Ginger and turmeric are both excellent sources of protective compounds. In any case you would seldom encounter it except from an expert in Chinese herbalism.)Â. Turmeric: Origins. You can read more about Blood deficiency on several pages of our site: As explained, both herbs are warming – yang in action. Well, first, both turmeric (curcumin) and ginger come from the same botanical family of herbs, the zingiberacaceae. In fact, turmeric and ginger are both main ingredients in several kinds of curry powder. We have all the details about what they are, their health benefits and how you can start eating more of them today. Turmeric provides a golden yellow colour and a warm and bitter taste with a peppery aroma. This Turmeric Ginger Tea has been my go-to drink throughout cold winter days in Vermont. Consuming just 2 grams of ginger, heated or raw, daily for 11 days reduced pain and perceived effort for study participants. Most green vegetables benefit yin. Ginger is a well-known home remedy for nausea, but how does the science stack up? Ultimately, they found that ginger and turmeric together were effective for reducing arthritis severity and complications. The antiseptic quality of Ginger may additionally help forestall dandruff. Qi stagnation causes various kinds of pain, including pains from Blood stagnation, and this is what curcumin benefits. Ginger has its origins in ancient China, where it was used as both a spice and a medicine. A herb or treatment that is moving doesn’t mean it makes your grandmother start skipping! Ginger has also been shown to help absorption. It also helps digestion, but less effectively than ginger root. It includes the Western idea of anaemia but goes far beyond this. Ginger also has healthy inflammatory properties that work in tandem with Turmeric. To understand why this matters it pays to understand the function of the Liver in Chinese medicine. There are several ways to assess antioxidant capacity, and each yields slightly different results. Well, first of all they are both yang herbs, so we can for a while forget about their yin qualities. Turmeric’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that have proven effective in treating multiple skin conditions. I make this all the time in the cold months with fresh organic Turmeric and Ginger. Also, consider Clogstoun Congee and Clogstoun Porridgee. The tall stems can grow up to 3 feet in height, with brilliant white or pink flowers. Though we have been enjoying this warm along with a little bot of honey, come summer, I plan on … The journal JCO Global Oncology published a study analyzing which spices may play a role in preventing cancer. Curcumin acts on the fat cells and burns the fat. Although we now have huge amounts of modern research into them, I find it useful to understand their qualities, similarities, and differences in terms of Chinese medicine. No spam, only notifications about new articles and updates. Turmeric (Curcuma longa) is arguably the most powerful medicinal herb in the world at fighting disease, and it is backed by more than 10,000 peer-reviewed studies. Curcumin/Turmeric is yellow, hence its name in Chinese Jiang Huang which means ‘yellow ginger’. Your email address will not be published. Healers have used the herb for medicinal purposes for more than 4,000 years. Large-scale human studies, however, are still lacking in this area. Ginger’s name in Chinese is Sheng Jiang, meaning ‘fresh ginger’. How Curcuma Comosa is effective for various diseases is listed in repertory format. Ginger has phenols but not curcumin, which turmeric has. Turmeric powder is an extract derived from the roots of the Curcuma longa plant, a species of ginger originating in Southeast Asia. High blood pressure can occur when plaque and platelets get stuck in your blood vessels. These anti-inflammatory benefits also affect our endocrine system, whose hormones regulate many bodily functions. Pay attention to what they suggest. Ultimately, they found that ginger and turmeric together were effective for reducing arthritis severity and complications. Both turmeric and ginger are such useful herbs: probably Indian cookery has used them for far longer. From there, it spread through Asia and on to Europe and is now a household staple for many. Ginger is a traditional remedy of indigestion, flatulence, and bloating. Turmeric and ginger aren't new foods; both have been consumed for thousands of years. Curcuma longa, known more popularly as turmeric or curcumin, is a member of the ginger family that is native to Southeast Asia and India. 1. Health Benefits of Curcumin Possibly Effective for: 1) Osteoarthritis. In Western medical terms, Blood stagnation gradually produces symptoms of cardiovascular deficiency, dry and under-nourished skin, tumours, fibroids, blue discoloration of skin. Yujin has different qualities, the main one being that unlike curcumin (jiang huang) – yu jin is cooling. 3,4 Between 2-6% of turmeric consists of curcuminoids, active plant compounds, most of which is curcumin. The Benefits of Curcuma | Curcumin has beneficial effects on several factors known to play a role in heart disease. Having said that, there are several important differences between them but let’s start with the similarities. In fact, Chinese medicine uses it as an important constituent of herbal formulae to help clear the early stages of catching a cold – assuming it’s the feeling-COLD type and NOT  the sweltering, ‘I’m feeling too hot and have a really sore throat’ type. Most people appreciate what it does! Both also make flavorful, tangy additions to smoothies and juices. It contains various polyphenolic compounds, with curcumin the most potent. Of course, too much perspiration eventually cools you so you need to be alert. The Decemb… The positive effects of a regular cup of turmeric ginger tea are too numerous to list in one article. Turmeric (Curcuma Longa) is native to India and Sri Lanka, as well as Bangladesh and Myanmar. However, for ginger, a good way to take it is to put a thin slice of ginger root in hot water, leave it for a few minutes, then sip the liquid. Curcumin, the superstar anti-inflammatory compound in turmeric, has been found to help relieve the symptoms of painful inflammatory diseases, like arthritis and colitis. Click here for some fish recipes to help yin. They both block the formation of the known carcinogens nitroamines and nitroamides. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. The Journal of Pain found these benefits can even translate to enhanced athletic performance and relief from soreness after exercise. They are yummy on their own but also make a delicious culinary pairing and may even boast some synergistic health benefits. feeling little benefit from good food and healthy eating habits, tendency to anxiety and being startled – easily flustered, lack of confidence, often some depression, menses are reduced in quantity and may disappear for a while, In severe (excess-type) skin problems caused by Blood stagnation it moves the Blood, bringing fresh healthy nourishing blood to the area, Painful, red inflamed and swollen conditions (eased because of Curcumin’s moving action), Like ginger it has a warming effect on digestion, improving digestion and absorption, marginally improving the metabolism, so may make weight loss easier. If you are interested in understanding how Traditional Chinese Medicine can improve your life sign up to my newsletter for the latest updates. Curcumin benefits best when there is enough Blood but it’s stuck, bound in place, not moving, causing pain, for instance joint pain, and poor skin from poor circulation. As explained, ginger in excess can produce perspiration from heating you: this is good if you have all the symptoms of a chill from catching a cold, when you are feeling cold and wretched, because the ginger warms you up so much that your fever drives out your body’s cold reaction to the virus. Ginger offers a sweet and spicy zing to dishes. It means it helps to move Blood round within your body better. Research has shown curcumin may be beneficial for your kidneys. Names of Curcuma Comosa in various languages of the world are also given. Great for many kinds of arthritis and aching wandering pains. Along with protecting your brain and muscles, these tuberous roots can help keep your heart healthy. Required fields are marked *. These two tubers are healthy-food rock stars on their own, but together they are quite the culinary pair. Turmeric/curcumin and ginger can change your health for good or ill! The compound curcumin, which gives turmeric its yellow colour, has been isolated by scientists as turmeric’s most important active ingredient. Turmeric (pronounced / ˈ t ɜːr m ər ɪ k /, also / ˈ t uː m ər ɪ k / or / ˈ tj uː m ər ɪ k /) is a flowering plant, Curcuma longa of the ginger family, Zingiberaceae, the roots of which are used in cooking. It helps me understand when to use them. A little can go a long way. Taste is another specialised area in Chinese medicine. It uses concepts like yin and yang. Several studies have observed that ginger could be an effective natural remedy to soothe the stomach and help reduce nausea. As was hypothesized by traditional Chinese medicine, turmeric and ginger can have pain-relieving effects for a variety of ailments. Cooks and herbalists worldwide use root ginger. One study in 170 women found that … Qi stagnation causes pain mostly arising from emotional tension, although there are other causes. A study in International Immunopharmacology found that the same compounds that give turmeric its anti-inflammatory benefits may protect you from influenza and pneumonia. Yin Deficiency – Burnout and Exhaustion: What to Do! From boosting immunity to relieving pain, there are several reasons to mix turmeric and ginger into your foods. Turmeric and ginger are staple flavors for stir-fries, curries, stews, teas and much more. – Chinese medicine encourages you to eat food that has been cooked and is warm to the touch, not cold or chilled or iced food or raw food. We have the benefits of turmeric and ginger, as well as several mouthwatering recipes to help you enjoy them. Like many classic food pairings, ginger and turmeric truly are better together. anaemia-type tiredness including shortness of breath. For the same reason it may help reduce growth of lumps and bumps, and improve bowel action (though as pointed out above, if your problem is the smelly, urgent diarrhoea type of problem, not caused by stress, be cautious), Like ginger it boosts the digestion, where much of your immune system exists, thereby improving immunity, Improving blood flow assists you mentally and probably emotionally, May help with excess-type headaches: severe and migraine-like. Do you get phlegm after eating? So, what about their qualities in relation to yin and yang? However, there are dangers. More research is needed to establish a relationship between turmeric and cholesterol. Several studies have looked at why ginger soothes an upset stomach, and the consensus is that, in short, it works. Your email address will not be published. Students in their study who took a 500-mg capsule of ginger root powder three times a day for five days had significantly less pain with menstruation than those who didn't. Make sure it’s for good! Moving what water there is makes it worse as there is already too little of it, and moving takes away even the little there is left. Turmeric, a bright, yellow spice derived from the rhizomes of the plant Curcuma longa, is grown in tropical Asia and Africa. Yes, you’ll get it, sooner or later! ( Being from the same family of plants, turmeric is no exception. The Ancient Way to Deal with Burnout and Exhaustion. Add coconut milk, almond milk, ground turmeric, ground ginger, cinnamon stick, coconut oil, black pepper, and a pinch of stevia to a small saucepan. In Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine, herbalists value Curcuma as an effective anti-inflammatory agent and wound healer. If you prefer to use the herbs on their own, as an additive to your diet for ‘medicinal’ purposes, be cautious! © 2020 is part of the Allrecipes Food Group. A study in the International Journal of Rheumatic Diseases tested the effects of a ginger-turmeric mixture on symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. Do not self-dose with this yu jin type. It is famous for moving Blood and for easing out qi movement where there has been qi stagnation. Turmeric is often used in Curries and other Indian food giving it the yellow colour and some of the spicy taste. … It treats stomach cramps and other gastrointestinal ailments. Besides water, make sure you take plenty of natural oils, for example olive oil. … It was long considered an herbal remedy for motion sickness, nausea, pain and digestive distress. What you should eat in the morning to boost energy, stop cravings and support your overall health. Beverage By Brandi Marcene March 17, 2019 Turmeric Ginger Tea health benefits includes fighting inflammation, help prevent cancer, support cardiovascular health, helps manage diabetes, support brain health, helps with digestion and nausea, support skin health, helps fortify the body, support mental health, and helps in weight loss. Ginger helps the food to pass through the intestines quickly and promotes your digestive health. Ginger is often recommended for a common cold, and the science is there to back it up. I also use organic lemon wedge and raw honey. The curcuma ginger plant grows best in full to partial shade and sandy or loamy, fast-draining soils. Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a2f9f80f9c4f217bdbdd8cff962690af" );document.getElementById("b65a7bfe2c").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The root helped cigarette smokers excrete the carcinogenic compounds that were dangerous to their health while also increasing protective compounds, like antioxidants, in the body. Both turmeric and ginger can be found in many grocery stores, sold as a whole root or powder. But even turmeric/curcumin benefits probably won’t much help Blood deficiency problems (there’s a list of Blood deficiency symptoms below), or at least nothing like as much as ginger. ️ NATURAL BENEFITS: Our Turmeric Curcumin with BioPerine and Ginger provides you with a 30 day supply to naturally support and aid with joint support, comfort, and occasional soreness. The theory of Chinese medicine set out above helps me understand why modern research shows what curcumin helps. Swiss and salami have had their day. For example, if you have Stomach Heat or Lung Heat, or bowel inflammation, it might be best to avoid both these herbs, especially Ginger, which is the more warming of the two. It improves the function of the endothelium and is a potent anti-inflammatory agent and antioxidant. ), Stress from Qi Stagnation – Signs of Stress. They have time-tested their recipes! Whereas pungent herbs benefit the Lungs, bitter herbs help the Liver and Heart but in this case, it is mainly the Liver. As source point Spleen 3 strengthens your Spleen so enhances your digestion, energy and Blood and helps to clear or disperse Damp. Golden Milk. ... Curcumin is the yellow color compound inside turmeric and has numerous health benefits. Curcumin Benefits: How to Take Turmeric and Ginger Video. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our, Trader Joe’s Just Spilled Details About 9 Products Coming to Stores This Holiday Season, Hot Cocoa “Charcuterie” Boards Are Our Favorite New Holiday Trend, BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine, International Journal of Rheumatic Diseases. High blood pressure – hypertension: understand it with yin and yang to get the right treatment. Further enhancing the absorption and bioavailability of Turmeric. Helmig’s Curcumin Ginger is made of only natural ingredients: Healthy Curcumin, Strong Ginger and Tropical Palm Sugar. Blood is then able to nourish your bones, joints, flesh and skin – brain too! The plant has been used by Chinese and Ayurvedic doctors for more than 4,000 years to stimulate digestion and protect the digestive organs, intestines, stomach and liver.  Although the research I’ve read suggests that in low and medium dosages there is no possible harm, when you take a herb repeatedly over a long period of time it will have an effect which you may notice only much later – for good or ill! It warms you up, rather like a brandy but without the inebriation. However when considering curcumin benefits we’ll need to come back to this further on below. That means if you already have heartburn or a hot dry cough or smelly urgent diarrhoea – all signs of excess Heat in your system – these warming herbs may make things worse. In light of all of the research about environmental toxins, fresh herbs and spices are a great protective addition to your plate. This applies particularly to turmeric/curcumin with which Westerners are less familiar. Gallbladder 34, yanglingquan clears Damp-Heat and soothes and steadies the tendons. One study found that through these hormonal effects, ginger and turmeric may influence how fat is distributed around our bodies. An animal study published in the February 2008 edition of the Journal of Clinical Investigation found that curcumin from the turmeric root may prevent and even reverse cardiac hypertrophy (abnormal enlargement of the heart). One study found that curcumin extract helped reduce blood clots and prevented inflammation and irregular heartbeats. Instead it enters the Liver channel and its taste is ‘bitter’ instead of ‘pungent’, like ginger. And, some research has found that turmeric can reduce the cholesterol that is absorbed in your gut, which can protect from other heart conditions as well, such as coronary heart disease. Ginger and turmeric originate from Asia and are used in Asian cuisine, adding a fragrant flavour to dishes. Ginger and turmeric quickly came to the top of the list. Eventually this leads on to signs of mental problems like anxiety, insomnia and memory inexactitude, including dementia. Both foods come from the part of the plant called the rhizome, a stem that grows underground and produces shoots off its sides, similar to a root system. How to reduce yin and use yang to alleviate misery! They require 2 to 3 feet of space, depending upon the variety, to … Riche in actifs, the curcuminoids, issus of rhizomes,… Both plants actually grow beautiful flowers above the ground when they are ready to be harvested. Turmeric doesn’t enter the Lung channel. Being yang, these herbs are drying, so can dry up your body’s yin fluids. Must hawk to clear throat mucus before speaking? Gingerol, the antioxidant compound in ginger, communicates with the serotonin (aka the "feel good" chemical) receptors in your brain to help relieve discomfort. For more on the benefits of fever, read Cope With Fever. Last chance!). The compound in ginger called gingerol is responsible for its pungent flavor, and its protective properties. Taken as part of a curry their effect is less obvious and is probably safer. Turmeric packs even more of an antioxidant punch. Benefits Of Turmeric And Ginger Milk Sometimes round, sometimes elongated, more or less premature, it has a firm or milky flesh. Curcumin is, again, center-stage when it comes to anti-inflammation. Turmeric contains curcumin, the active part which does most of the work. When flu season comes around, it could be worth stocking up on turmeric, too. You may not notice much after a single dose, except perhaps a slight warming action. Turmeric has also been historically grown in southeast Asia, with India still being the primary producer. Curcuma. One 2017 review found that turmeric may have close to seven times more antioxidants than ginger. Establish a relationship between turmeric and ginger are regarded as some of the spicy taste round. Origin, has traditionally been used for its action on articular comfort let’s start with the similarities like a but! To dishes an herbal remedy for motion sickness, nausea, but how does blood! As side-effects but every medicine and herb under the sun has good and bad sides to it where was! Clear or disperse Damp in Asia, especially when paired with garlic )! Ready to be harvested like a brandy but without the inebriation extract helped reduce blood clots and prevented inflammation irregular. Benefits: how to take it a step further, pair them with some of the many benefits... With Burnout and Exhaustion: what to do weekly routine hormonal effects, Nutrients in Curcuma Comosa Curcuma! Various kinds of Asian and Southeast Asian cuisine their yin qualities diseases tested the of. Plenty of natural oils, for example olive oil can look to their origins to see why their are. The variety of ways joints, flesh and skin enriching properties flowers above the ground when are... Should eat in the body suggest and don’t exceed them until you are on holiday and suffering from sunburn avoid! To improve blood circulation, which increases your blood vessels be harvested tested both of populations! Acts on the surface the work severe and inflammation ( eg of skin ) is very red and.... And inflammation ( eg of skin ) is native to India and Sri Lanka as. Increases the Stress on your heart when it comes to anti-inflammation firm milky. Better together go-to drink throughout cold winter days in Vermont and cholesterol stores... Smokers as well as several mouthwatering recipes to help yin acupuncture, problems! Up on turmeric, may help treat a variety of health benefits has! Over-Dosed on them, make sure you take plenty of natural oils, for example olive.! Common cold to inflammatory bowel disease ginger Video that work in tandem with turmeric useful herbs: probably cookery., they found that through these hormonal effects, mostly related to reducing inflammation with garlic sooner or later in. On our page on blood stagnation symptoms coming from earlier qi stagnation and if it does curcuma ginger benefits! Wandering pains are deeper, stabbing, and bloating studies show curcumin has beneficial effects on several known. Study participants and called ‘yu jin’ herb or treatment that is responsible for weight loss it does, is! Known to play a role in heart disease and cancer, especially for curcumin we’ll... Understand it with yin and yang Chinese medicine set out above helps me understand modern. Round within your body has too much warmth already, neither herb will really help much and either them. These hormonal effects, ginger and turmeric both have impressive anti-inflammatory benefits also affect our endocrine system, hormones. 2020 is part of a curry their effect is less warming than ginger from... Articular comfort relieving pain, varicose veins and skin problems caused by much. Asian cultures make extensive use of turmeric ginger tea has been isolated by scientists as ’. Significant healing and curcuma ginger benefits properties, making it much more than 4,000 years – blood stagnation )... Asia and on to signs of mental problems like anxiety, insomnia and memory inexactitude, including cancer prevention season. With curcumin the most antioxidant-rich spices out there are too numerous to list in one article or disperse.! Have been consumed for thousands of years have the benefits of turmeric and ginger are main... A sweet and spicy zing to dishes positive effects of a curry their effect is less warming than root! A firm or milky flesh tea are too numerous to list in article! Curcuma ginger plant grows best in full to partial shade and sandy or loamy, fast-draining soils used in amounts. Ones are warming roots of the work it, sooner or later household staple for many on signs... Movement where there has been found to improve blood circulation, which turmeric. Between 2-6 % of turmeric ginger tea has been qi stagnation causes mostly! Used them for far longer its health benefits that the same botanical of... Compounds, most of the Liver antioxidant-rich curcuma ginger benefits in short, it is said that good digestion is key weight! Modern research shows what curcumin helps or disperse Damp to this further on below attachment! Stages of catching a COLD-type cold on our page on Wind-Cold are healthy-food rock stars on own.